Not close, but not far away. My cousin is Shu Ren Yanchu’s cousin.

When Yang’s family was convicted, he dodged a bullet because he didn’t have the capital. Yan Guiren soon knew that his counselor had taken refuge in the prince, and naturally he didn’t know his true identity.
At this time, he didn’t mind that nature was occupied.
Xu You didn’t go around saying, "Please see the Hall of the King."
The wind hand had a laugh "fierce Wang Yuan northwest"
"The wind guards this is you don’t take the risk to see nature is to know the fierce Wang Dian this wind guards will be so alert? To nature is to have something to ask for, but also please leave the wind guards "Xu You hand way
"Wang is this matter?" Yan came slowly from the floor and looked at Xu You lightly.
Xu You saw the fierce king many years ago, but at that time, Yan was not the same. He was in a daze for a moment and said, "Xu You saw the fierce king’s palace."
"Get up" Yan Gui has walked up and sat for the first time.
Xu You got up and looked at Yan Gui’s robe and plopped down on his knees.
"Pray for the fierce king to deliver the four emperors"
"Four emperors? Two emperors came to the four emperors to say? " Yan to ponder a smile is still light.
"Yes … there are no four emperors who have Shu Ren’s Yan Chu Wang Dian to deliver him." Xu Youxu had known that there would be such a thing, and he didn’t feel humiliated at all. Anyway, what is a word that he can kneel on?
"Ha ha, you are … affectionate to your cousin and brother" Yan Gui sneered.
"The Yang family has my blood, and he … is my only relative, asking for help from the fierce king." Xu You kowtowed to the tunnel.
"The king is just a down-and-out captaincy who was driven out of the capital. Is it like rescuing him?" Yan to faint rhetorical question
When he said this, he didn’t have the slightest hint of being driven out of the capital and down as a vassal. He was in control of what was in front of him, which was a feeling that no one had the slightest hint of hiding it.
"I’m willing to help the fierce king’s palace to the best of my ability." Xu You couldn’t get up and still touched the tunnel.
Yan Gui didn’t speak for a long time until Xu You couldn’t kneel down. Only then did he say, "Wang can’t save him now, and he shouldn’t. Do you know?"
"Everyone knows that I hope that one day the report will let him out and ask him to be a rich and idle person." Xu You kowtowed again and finally gave me a trace of joy.
"In that case, you can go. You know everything you should do," Yan returned.
"Is a long white" Xu You got up and went out without hesitation.
"It’s a pity that this person is really clever." Chapter 34 of Yan Gui can benefit each other.
"Report ….." High winds some not white what is this sign language?
"This person is really smart but also too smart." The wind shook his head.
"Wang is tired," said Yan Gui, throwing a tea bowl. Just now, I just got back.
High winds don’t follow someone to wait on him to digest a "what is playing charades? Did the sovereign agree? "
"What do you think?" The wind said with a smile, this blast is so obvious that it won’t think.
"I am stupid and you won’t tell me?" High wind angry way
The wind smiled and laughed. "You, you, you are now in the army and you will never think?" Your majesty, it will be more and more difficult for you to leave. I can’t be a bodyguard forever. Your majesty will put you into the army? Instead of keeping you as a bodyguard all the time? Don’t you understand? "
"Good good you will preach you say or not? Don’t say I’ll ask the prince! " High wind and quick way
"Ah … your personality," Yu Feng sighed. "What did Xu You come for?"
"Nonsense nature is to ask our report to save the four emperors." Their flurry.
"So he knelt down and begged to leave?" The wind continued to ask
"If I knew, would I ask you?" High winds suddenly play nu way