"Grandpa, then I will attack."

Zhouyi nods a way
"If you want to attack hard, don’t have any reservations," said Master Zhou Shan.
Zhouyi should make an effort to slap the palm of his foot to master Zhou Shan. His martial arts are much higher than his. Don’t worry about hurting his grandfather.
Zhouyi’s martial arts has made rapid progress now. His extreme boxing is a great power. It is simply to split everything in front of him.
To Zhouyi’s surprise, Master Zhou Shan didn’t advance quickly, and he didn’t retreat or stop him. Just letting Zhouyi’s fierce split palm hit his body was simply treating Zhouyi’s attack as something.
If it were for others to learn from him, he would definitely have some reservations, but his grandfather’s martial arts skills are all connected with the gods, and Zhou Yi did not hesitate to make a slap in the face and split the master’s body.
However, Master Zhou Shan moved a little, and he felt that he had not hit the real thing after finishing his strength. He was a little unwilling and blew it with one punch, but the same situation appeared, but Master Zhou Shan was invincible, but his strength was skillfully transformed into shape.
"Grandpa, how did you do it? It seems that you are not the same as Zhou Chi’s iron cloth shirt. Zhou Chi’s iron cloth shirt is hard as iron by combining work with horizontal practice, but when I hit you just now, I felt that your body was soft. I couldn’t hurt you with my palm strength. Can’t you send it out with strength? Although I can try to defuse some opponents’ attacks, I really have to defend myself when I meet a master. Aren’t I afraid of opponents’ attacks and heavy blows when I reach a high depth? How have I seen you do this before? "
After several consecutive attacks, Zhou Yihao closed his boxing rack and asked Master Zhoushan curiously, one after another, he needed Master Zhoushan to tell him the answer. Just now, he clapped his hands on the master’s body, but there was no success. Now he realized that his kung fu was a thousand miles away from his grandfather’s master Zhoushan.
Master can’t hurt him if he defends himself or not. This gap is not small. If we want to narrow this gap with master, he needs hard work to do it.
"Zhouyi, our family’s boxing pays attention to understanding and listening. This is the foundation of family boxing. Extreme boxing is very overbearing. Of course, you can go forward and destroy everything, but you are still far from the extreme level. When you meet a master, even if your fist has come into contact with your opponent’s body, your opponent can still burst out and feel your strength in an instant. In this case, you will be in a passive situation if you hurt your opponent yourself. Now your extreme boxing has a certain power, but you can’t grasp it well. Your recent priority is to exercise understanding and listening.
Master Zhou Shan took a drag on the cigarette and explained that he had just played against Zhouyi, but even the cigarette rod was quite leisurely in his hand. This strength is beyond the reach of others except him, even experts like Qinglong and Masato can’t do it.
Zhou Yi’s understanding is very good. When Master Zhou Shan said Ma Bai’s own boxing defects, the simple point is that his boxing strength can’t be sent and received freely, and he can’t change according to the change of his opponent’s strength. If he fights with a real master, he can be eliminated by his opponent and beat his opponent by law.
Although Zhouyi understood what Master Zhou Shan said, he still felt very fresh when he said this to Master Zhou Shan, because it was a new cognition and a new realm of martial arts.
"Grandpa is knowledgeable and listening. You didn’t tell me in detail before."
Zhou Yi asked Master Zhou Shan, "It seems that these Zhou Chi didn’t practice very much, but he has become an excellent master. What’s going on?"
"Ha ha, before Zhouyi, your martial arts were still relatively low, and you couldn’t understand it when I told you, and now that you have reached this point, it is more natural for me to tell you this."
Master Zhou Shan laughed. "Zhou Chi is different from you. He is naturally gifted with divine power. When he is against the enemy, he is overbearing and trying to suppress his opponent. In a few years, when his skill reaches my level, he won’t need to be knowledgeable and listening to the enemy. Because in a few years, no one in this world will be able to resolve Zhou Chi’s boxing strength, and his efforts to suppress the enemy have become vain. But you are different. Compared with Zhou Chi, your physical condition is definitely not as good as yours. But if you want to be a top player, you have to work hard and skill. When you arrive,
"I see."
Zhou Chi nodded thoughtfully after listening to master Zhou Shan’s words.
"Grandpa this knowledge and listening through what way to exercise is great gun? If that’s the case, I’ll specialize in great gun skills during this time! Make up for my martial arts defect! "
Zhouyi found his own boxing defects and was eager to know how to make his boxing to a higher level. So Ma asked Master Zhou Shan, saying that since Masato was an opponent, Zhouyi’s enthusiasm for practicing martial arts has never been higher. This is probably because his martial arts has been improving at a rapid pace in less than a year. If he keeps making progress at this rate, it is not impossible for him to become one of the best martial arts masters in the world after a few years.
"The practice of understanding and listening is to be able to change your opponent’s strength as soon as you take a hand when the enemy is fighting. If your body is out of control, you should change your strength when you are fighting. When you are in an accident and out of control, you have to learn this skill first, so that you can become a real master and be invincible. You are absolutely right. You need to think about this kung fu carefully if you don’t say a few words here. That’s why I have been teaching you great guns yesterday afternoon and night. Your martial arts has reached a critical point. If you need to break through, you have to think about it.
Master Zhou said that he was afraid that Zhouyi was not finished, and then he explained, "The elder martial arts master said that the gun strength is the boxing strength, and the boxing strength is the punching strength. Now you can practice this overlord gun according to the stick routine and gradually realize what it feels like."
Zhou Yi practiced the stick technique with Master Zhou Shan before, which was not difficult for him. He picked up the overlord gun and put on a set of Qi Mei stick technique on the grass.
The overlord gun is a full ten feet long. Zhou Chi’s overlord gun was used all the way. He learned the stick technique. He felt that the overlord gun seemed to be out of control. Soon, the spear head not only lost its aim, but also brought him up. Generally, it was somewhat unstoppable.
If the spear head loses its sight, it is natural that it can’t come to the enemy. The tricks are fast and accurate
"Grandpa, I can’t control the gun, but I feel that it’s too long and too heavy to master this overlord gun. It’s not an easy thing."
After practicing for a few minutes, Zhouyi stopped and said that he practiced for a few minutes, but he still didn’t find a trick.
"If you don’t understand this pike, people will naturally get out of control. Big guns are all heavy and long-winded. It’s all about making the guns out of control. When the guns shake and get out of control, you will take people away. At this time, you just realize the strength of this gun. If you practice for a long time, you will naturally understand it. As soon as you understand it, you can slowly change your physical strength and improve your gun, which will be a good way to stabilize your hand. You have to let the guns run wild. This rod will, in turn, command you. You don’t want
Master took the overlord gun from Zhouyi’s hand and then said, "The split palm in extreme boxing is evolved from the thirteen-gun’ stabbing’ method, and the back hand of the split palm stands on the forehead, and the oblique stab in front of the hand is the stabbing posture. The extreme boxing moves and keeps tossing and turning, and you will always have one hand. You have not yet got started with marksmanship. Sometimes you can practice it yourself. When you can control this gun freely, I will tell you how to listen to it."
Master Zhou Shan’s simple words are very vivid. After listening to Zhou Yiji, he pondered how to practice this overlord gun.
Master Li sat there thinking and smiled and threw the overlord gun to Zhou Yidao. "The ancients once said,’ The annual sword and the moon stick are hidden with you’, which means that you can practice the knife skillfully for months and years, and you can reach the peak. Only this marksmanship takes a generation of kung fu, the six basic skills and the King Kong style, and you must not relax a bit throughout your life. In this way, you can achieve something. Anyway, I live here this year. You can take some time every day to learn great gun skills from me!"
"Grandpa, remember what you said. I will practice hard. I haven’t learned any cold weapons except a little stick before. Please tell me about it tonight. I want to know about it first."
Zhouyi knew that what the master said tonight was all good words, and of course he firmly put these words in his heart. Through practicing great guns, he became interested in weapons, because weapons and boxing can be integrated and promoted each other
"Zhouyi, since you want to learn from me, I will tell you in detail that I am old and it will be you in the future. I can’t take these things into the coffin. I hope you can talk about martial arts and carry it forward!"
Island master said slowly after a few cigarettes.
"Grandpa, you are in the prime of your life. We all need you to teach you how to be old. Even a master like Qinglong worships your martial arts."
Zhouyi said after listening to master Zhou Shan’s words