He squinted slightly, and his tone was calm and calm, and there was no threat or coercion, just like saying that it was nothing but indifference and alienation.

"But you have to save my friend first. She can’t delay any longer." She answered without thinking. She temporarily pretended to promise him what he meant by "combination"
But she didn’t know that the deal would plunge her into perdition.
You don’t need to instruct the left protector to look at the face of the king and realize the order. Immediately, he ordered his hand to pick up Min Xu from the evening and leave the dance floor.
"Ye Xiong, you stay and deal with things here."
"Dear King, please leave me alone. I will never dare again." The salamander panicked and knelt down to climb to the top of the statue.
He ignored the fire snake’s begging, turned around and walked out. He remembered his necklace and frowned and asked, "What are you going to do with him?"
He rolled his eyes at her, squinting unfathomably and asked, "Are you worried about him?"
"It wasn’t me …" She just wanted to explain something, but he turned and left, which didn’t seem to depend on her answer.
When she walked out of the door, Xi still frowned and hesitated whether to ask the salamander to get the necklace back. Just then, she found that the left guardian rubbed a watch and came to a communication.
With a shudder in her heart and a cold sweat on her forehead, she quickly went out …
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That necklace was a modified micro-communicator given to her by her father. He was worried that she would be in danger when she was far away from home, so he gave her this communicator so that she could contact him if anything happened.
Just now, before the stage, she wanted to press the com to let Dad know her present situation. She knew that salamanders were by no means good and would not let them go easily. Min Xu was dying, and she didn’t know what would happen next.
Daddy’s magical powers and extraordinary skills will surely find a way to save her, but she didn’t expect the necklace to be taken away by the salamander at the key moment.
Just now, she wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to get the necklace back from the salamander, but when she saw that the left protector also modified the communicator, the horse was frightened. In case they found that the necklace was a communicator, she must be a spy and deliberately approached them.
After all, this kind of communicator is not available to ordinary people.
The black extended Lincoln Department is like a bright and luxurious small bag. Although the sparrow is small and comfortable, it has a luxurious small bed, four-in-one sofa and wine cabinet … everything.
A man who is also dressed in black but wearing a mask takes out the medicine box and expertly bandages the wound for Min Xu, wearing an itchy mask and injecting intravenous drip …
The thugs next to the evening cooperated tacitly. After everything was taken care of, the man looked up at her. "Have you studied medicine?"
She didn’t nod lightly as an answer.
"My name is Liu Yawang’s personal doctor." The man in black pulls the mask to reveal a clean and gentle face. His eyes are a little small but his eyelids are very divine. He looks ordinary but comfortable and manly.
"Hello" Xi nodded politely. Of these people I met today, only Liu Ya is more like a normal person. They are all extremely human.
After the treatment, Zun Wang has drunk the third cup of Louis XIII.
Liu Ya had answers and said to him, "Just give her some blood after Wang’s wound is treated. She won’t be in danger."
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Liu Ya had answers and said to him, "Just give her some blood after Wang’s wound is treated. She won’t be in danger."
"hmm!" Zun Wang Weiwei nodded and let go of the goblet, raised his eyes to meet the resentment of the evening, and said, "I just saved your friend. Will you be too ungrateful to look at me like this?"
"Just highway from ruin people … is you" Evening resentment stared at him as soon as she came out from the dance floor and recognized the car.
Just now, when she returned the car, she left because she was afraid of not wanting to get into trouble. Although disappointed, Nai also said that she would not resent the driver with a gun. It is understandable that ordinary businessmen are timid and afraid to be brave.
But now she knows that he used to be so big, and the master around him is still from ruin, which shows how cold his heart is.
"That’s right." He nodded and stood his hand. "I have no intention to save you."
"You …" Evening gnashed her teeth. "Yes, from ruin doesn’t break the law. It’s just nonsense to tell people like you."
"Stop talking if you know it’s nonsense." He glanced at her coldly. "Now you should listen to you."