"You … you … you were pretending to be weak?" Leaf in accordance with the dance with a whip, pointing to Sue cotton trembling voice said

She has never seen a woman talk about a person’s privacy like this in her whole life.
Song Xin jade thing is naturally clear to her. The more she refuses to let Yan Gui go, the more she is forbidden to marry the Queen Mother. Where is she willing to tell her to follow Yan Gui, who has no future?
"If I really weak, I should be bullied by you? Hum concubine excused herself. "Su Mian said," I don’t want to see them any more. One is coaxed to blame, and the other is that the Yin people behind her are annoying enough.
Ye Yiwu wouldn’t let her go. She was about to pull when she heard a scream not far away.
"Kill people and run!" A man’s voice can be heard clearly even in a busy street.
Before they could react, they saw four or five masked men cut down at the sight of people for several days and were cut down before they came to run.
"Lord, hide." Indigo grabbed Su Mian and pressed the north wind in a corner at the entrance of the lark building. He himself had drawn a sword to protect Su Mian.
Song Xinyu and Ye Yiwu are frightened. Good Ye Yiwu is a martial artist, and men in black can fight.
It’s a pity that what she learned was nothing more than a fist and a leg, and the whip was taken away by someone, just like a tiger’s teeth were pulled out and it suddenly fell out of the wind.
The north wind called six people to see this place surrounded. Su Mian said, "Go and save her."
I really don’t want to save her, but it doesn’t make sense not to save her.
The north wind nodded, and there were two men in black to help. Soon Ye Yiwu and several others were rescued from Su Mian. Among them, except for two girls who were slightly injured, nothing happened.
"Four guards and two follow me to retreat the enemy." The north wind settled Su Mian and greeted him.
Four men in black soon lost, one escaped, one was beheaded in public, and two were still holding on.
At this moment, not far away, I suddenly heard the horseshoe. More men in black rushed to kill everyone, but they were even more malicious than these four.
Less than twenty men in black regard the downtown area as a human condition, whether the horseshoe steps on people or kicks the stall to block their wave is a sword.
This is a downtown area. People who just panicked didn’t run much. More people died this moment, but three or four men in black blocked the end of the street on horseback. This is a massacre.
The north wind is no match with people. There are too many people on the other side.
"You go and help" Su Mian can’t consider many things. If they can’t stop it, it’s her fate.
After all, the four guards hesitated and rushed away.
These guards are all martial arts, high strength and dark guards. Generally speaking, they rarely make moves, and they are also very powerful.
But those men in black martial arts routines are not like the Central Plains, which is very tricky.
Even the north wind pierced his shoulder with a sword, endured the pain and held the sword in his left hand to defend the enemy crazily.
Their purpose is to protect Sumian Institute. No matter how they fight, they will slaughter around Sumian in Chapter 17.
The purpose of men in black is obviously to kill, not for Su Mian, but for everyone in this street.
A few hundred people will soon become corpses, even if they are not dead, they will be seriously injured. The dark red blood on the bluestone floor is winding and Su Mian’s face is white like paper.
Song Xinyu shook her hands and thought in her mind that death was not herself but Su Mian.
Will Yan Gui look at herself when she dies? She’s dead, even if she can’t have her, it’s great, right?
Why does a small official woman occupy what she wants? She deserves to die, doesn’t she
She held out her hand trembling when she thought about it …
"What are you doing?" Indigo suddenly saw Song Xinyu stretched out his hand and shouted
Sue cotton didn’t see Song Xinyu back already.
"Lord, she … she actually wants to push the Lord out! How insidious! We saved you with good intentions and you did it! " At this time, even the guards may not be able to protect the Lord. This is to ask the Lord to die.
"I’m not. You’re wrong. I’m trying to pull you. I’m afraid." Song Xinyu’s face is pale and she doesn’t know whether she was scared by the puncture of a lie or whether she was so white.