Even small probability events are predicted and corresponding contingency plans are made.

But I just didn’t expect that he would be exhausted by induction.
Suddenly Xu retreated and touched his finger.
Chest standard battle bag with class B energy active agent position actually touched.
In a flash, it’s like falling into hell!
Key moment to restore the spirit of class B energy active agent was gone!
How is that possible!
It is impossible for him to make such a low-level mistake.
Even if you retire during the training season, you will check the emergency medicine.
What’s more, this time it was actually wartime.
Xu retired from fighting by himself.
An hour before departure, Xu retired and specially checked the status of various emergency medicines and equipment.
There can be no problem!
And this hour has not lost the way of emergency medicine channels.
Is it possible to lose some things when sending them through the measuring door?
My heart keeps sinking.
Xu retired to bite the tip of his tongue and tried hard not to let himself fall asleep, but his hand reached into the other backpack with great difficulty.
In another backpack, there is a processed spiritual power source crystal that I got from Zhu Lang.
Spiritual power source crystal can directly restore spirit.
However, it is not clear that Xu tui’s spirit exhaustion method directly absorbs the strength in the crystal of the spiritual power source to supplement the spirit, which will keep him awake.
Or passed out?
If it is the former, everything will be fine.
If it is the latter …
Just as Xu tui’s fingers trembled and reached into his pocket, the corners of his mouth suddenly felt cold and wet.
"You should make this thing convenient. It’s too hard for me to hit this bottle cap with that extremely weak biological energy!
It’s harder than the first time in life! "
Ah Huang suddenly sounded in Xu tui’s ear, and Xu tui’s heart was relieved. Where did his bottle of B-class energy active agent go?
It’s Huang
It was Huang, the fellow, who saw that there was something wrong with him and was able to save Xu tui.
Xu tui wants to communicate with Huang, but it’s good that he can stay in a coma when his spirit is exhausted.
I also want to communicate with Huang in telepathy and dream!
And it’s crucial at this time.
We must unite against the thief Lao Xia!
Otherwise, it may be really fun to withdraw this plan!
Drinking Huang in his mouth and dumping B-class energy active agent into his mouth, Xu retreated his fingers and struggled to touch a miniature transmitter in his pocket.
When the finger touched it, the pocket automatically punched, but Huang was helping.
"I know you have to send a signal to Xia anti-thief as soon as possible, but I am too weak to press it. Come on yourself."
Huang vomited and assisted Xu to retreat. "I think you need a control system that allows me to control at any time."
In that case, I want to help you, but I can’t watch. "
When I contacted the anti-thief old summer signal transmitter and pressed it, I finally breathed a sigh of relief.
A bottle of B-class energy active agent is also available at the entrance of Ahuang.
The speed of class B energy active agent is still very fast.
Just 30 seconds after Xu retreated from his head, he felt a sense of coolness, but he quickly recovered part of his spirit.
Eyelids stop fighting
Without that feeling that a horse will fall asleep.
Just recovered, Xu retreated and struggled to sit up.
"How long has it been since I landed?" Xu tuiwen asked Huang
"sixty-seven seconds"
A bottle of B-level energy active agent can restore half the spirit of Xu Xu before Xu Xu strengthens the 72-point large gene capacity chain into a secondary silver gene capacity chain.
But now it’s good to be able to recover quickly in a short time and surpass two achievements.
Took a deep breath to get up again and make a retreat. Hold that gram of spiritual power source crystal directly in your hand and quickly absorb the spirit inside while sprinting around to prepare and observe.
"Preliminary judgment here should be the moon Planck big moon valley from the moon comprehensive base linear distance of about one thousand one hundred kilometers.
Luck is not too bad. "
Huang introduced the topographic information to Xu tui.
Even though Huang doesn’t have a network here, he has a large number of offline materials.