Xuan resin French king with three turns scattered fairy East China Sea double evil spirit followed by carefree smile debut "Chu Zhang teaches since you promised this veteran can’t favor one over the other, we two brothers are also idle, how many elders are there to count us two brothers?"

Chu Yu, the two evil spirits in the East China Sea, have known each other for a hundred years. Chu Yu helped them a lot when the two of them crossed the three roads and scattered the immortals, so they made friends.
Although they have lived in overseas blessed land for many years, they have never done anything so-called harm to the world. Naturally, they have killed people, but they have done it with their hearts, but they may be disdainful of evil spirits in the eyes of decent people. But Chu Yu seems that both evil spirits in the East China Sea are "good people."
"You two are in a good mood, welcome to nature."
Later, a group of so-called evil sect bosses were almost scattered practitioners, with the mysterious corpse of the French king Donghai double evil spirit. This head didn’t take much time to refine the treasure cabinet, but it was 13 more powerful. At the last time, there were more than five people in the scattered magic flow among the elders in Du Jie.
Chapter two hundred and fifty-one Friends come from the land of celestial beings
The grand event of the government gradually came to an end, and Chu Yu became strong, and a number of close friends supported Lian Baoge, a subversive system, to successfully pass the standard of collecting family members, but no one dared to question the newspaper.
Chu Yu personally sent a crowd to congratulate the guests, but was stopped by LingReYun who had not appeared for a long time. "Xiao Chu, I’d like to introduce you to my righteous sister Jin Lan …"
Chu Yu smell speech is not startled, but I don’t want to follow LingReYun into the temple, but I saw Qingxiaxian’s beautiful face with wet tears at the first time.
"Ruoyun, who are you?"
"I have become a sister with Qingxiaxian. She is older than me and has become a sister. I am a sister!" Lingruoyun chuckled and took Qingxia Xiandao. "Sister, tell Xiao Chu what we discussed before."
In the face of Chu Yu’s threatening eyes, Qingxiaxian was a little embarrassed and said, "If Yunmei is still up to you!"
LingReYun chuckled and turned to Chu Imperial Road. "Xiao Chu, you should listen carefully. Oh, in view of your excellent performance on NingBiYa, Qingxia’s sister almost fell in love with you. Thanks to the efforts of the cloud to guide her sister, she just temporarily put this idea aside …"
For LingReYun official wording chu royal can in distress situation in the face of two stunning beauty but squeeze out a stiff smile "the cloud but what? You tube said is I stand up … "
Chu Yu’s strange expression also made the two women laugh, and the atmosphere suddenly became harmonious. Ling Ruoyun’s eyes flashed with flashes and a look of something. "But you must be responsible for Qingxia’s sister to find a good husband. As far as your standard is concerned, of course, it is better than you, but not worse than you!"
"what!" Chu Yu was startled to see that the whole person seemed petrified. It took a long time to take a deep breath and put on a long face. "There are really not many such standards as the cloud being able to have a husband!"
"Don’t be arrogant and ashamed …" Obviously, the two women had already reached a tacit understanding before, and the United front heard this statement and immediately gave many words that should not be born in the dust to the latter.
"I’m telling the truth!" Chu Yu is also the wall advocate of the dough-racing. She doesn’t mind boasting about herself. "Well, I promise Qingxia Xian to find a husband who can be quite good to me. Maybe the quality will be a little worse. After all, a husband with a congenital treasure level like me is not so easy to find …"
LingReYun very impolitely gave Chu Yu a powder fist lightly chastising, "You are getting poorer and poorer now. You are a dry sister of Yuner, and you are more welcome with one bite."
It is natural to be able to get rid of Qingxia fairy and push Chu Yu so perfectly, let alone a "dry sister". It is estimated that he will not hesitate to shout a "dry aunt"
"Dry elder sister, dry elder sister, give a gift." At this moment, Chu Yu has already released Qingxiaxian when she is one of her own.
Qingxiaxian was lost by Chu Yu’s series of poverty-playing, and Zhang Qiao’s face turned red. "Can I call you Xiao Chu like Ruoyunmei?"
Chu Yu nodded noncommittally, "You are my sister Yuner. You can call her whatever you want."
And since some teasing talk about Chu Yu together with LingReYun sent Qingxia fairy from LingReYun is Qingxia fairy about a few days later to stay in Danxia Mountain for a period of time.
Seeing Qingxia Fairy off, I thought that everything would stop here today. I didn’t want to guard the gate of Lingbao Peak. The twelve spiritual servants actually led a giant man who was two feet tall and covered with black hair into Lingbao Hall.
"Report back to Zhang Jiao, who is said to be the messenger of Sanxiao Mountain in the northern part of Lu Zhou, the celestial world. He said that he had come to congratulate Zhang Jiao on his upcoming ascent to the celestial world and brought a few letters from Zhang Jiao’s old population …" Chu Dajin, a servant of twelve spirits, went into the temple and told Chu Yutong all about it.
"People from the celestial world … Sanxiao Mountain …" Chu Yu muttered something to himself, and suddenly his eyes lit up. "It must be my three dry sisters who sent me to see me quickly."
When the black-faced giant Han went to Lingbao Hall, he saw Chu Yu coming out and bowed to the thunder, which also sounded like a debut. "Simen Yuanba, the villain of Sanxiaoshan Black Wind, kowtowed to the five masters."
"Five in charge …" Obviously, the name of the other party made Chu Yu completely confused and startled. "You get up first and talk. Is General Black Wind really from the celestial world?"
"Back to the five masters, the villain got the order of two masters, three masters and four masters. I hereby come to the three masters to give you a message." Ximen Yuanba got up and respectfully said.
"The three masters in your mouth are …"
"Yunxiao, Bixiao and Qiongxiao are the three masters," Simon Yuan Ba Shen replied.
"The big charge is …" Chu royal nodded and smiled.
"Huanglong is the master"
"And the three dry sisters of Huanglong brother went to the celestial world to occupy the mountain king. By the way, they gave themselves this little brother a dummy title of five masters …" At this moment, Chu Yu knew the source of Ximen Yuanba’s "five masters" for himself.
"Huanglong brother three dry sisters are all right?" To be honest, Chu Yu really misses four people. Although she is amazed at the three sisters, she can’t help but give birth to a little bit moved if she knows that she is about to soar to the celestial news.
It’s another talk with General Ximen Yuanba of Black Wind, Chu Yu. This is the cause and effect.
It turns out that when the real Huanglong sisters soared to the celestial world, they first found a secret place to close each other and restored their past strength. Then, the demon king ran rampant in Beilu, seized thousands of miles of hills and built Sanxiao Village to collect monsters and expand their strength. When Sanxiao Village’s strength developed to a quite strong level, they searched everywhere for the three sisters’ righteous brother Zhao Gongyou, who might be imprisoned by Jin Jiao, Jian Yuan and Jin Dou.
This time, General Ximen Yuanba of Black Wind came here on the orders of Yunxiao Fairy, a sister of Sanxiao, to tell Chu Yu about their celestial trend, so it is better for Chu Yu to fly to the celestial world, and there is a way to find it.
Sister Yu Sanxiao knew the news that Chu Yu was about to soar, which was accidental and inevitable. At the beginning, the sisters of Chu Yu Sanxiao had refined four jade charms into his own Jingxue and gave them.
After restoring the past strength in Yunxiao Fairyland, I often miss Chu Yu, the younger brother, and I will learn about Chu Yu’s situation by using this jade symbol. Not long ago, I learned that Chu Yu had been in Mahayana, and only then did I have today’s black wind general Ximenyuan Ba Yun Lingfu and his party.
After sorting out the ins and outs, Chu Yu became curious and asked Ximen Yuanba, "I have always heard of the soaring celestial world, but I have never seen it return to the human world from the celestial world. How did you come here?"
"Back to the five masters, the villain is the second master to cast spells and send them to the world." Ximen Yuanba said rudely, "Those who are in the celestial world but can’t surpass the Xuanxian can come to the world, but they need the fairy practitioners to cast spells themselves."
"At the beginning of the celestial realm, the twelve immortals in the fourth order of heaven and earth, Xuan Huang, are the two immortals in charge of the second order, and the immortals will be able to practice magic in person."
Chu Yu-wen still wondered, "Then why haven’t you ever seen a monk soar and then cross the boundary again?"
"Five masters don’t know, but mortal monks practice the Tao of soaring. Once they enter the celestial world, they should also return to the human world with the strength of the fairy three. Unless …"
"Unless what?"
"Unless one day I can repair my strength and cut off the second corpse, I can travel freely to and from the Three Realms."
"So that’s it," Chu Yu nodded. "Then what should you do when you finish your message?"
Simon Yuan Ba Shen said, "If I don’t go back, I can’t go back. Before I came to the human world, I got the order to follow the five masters. After the five masters rose to the celestial world, I will stay in the human world to look after the five masters, and you will care for your family and friends."
"wouldn’t that delay your practice?" Chu Yu microstrip could not bear to say.
I didn’t think that Simon Yuanba was a big mouth and smiled happily. "Five masters don’t know that the strength of the villain Xuanxian’s second cultivation is worthless in the celestial world, but when it comes to the human world, it is not afraid to tell the truth. Compared with the loss of slow practice, the villain is more keen on enjoying life in the human world."
"Although this big guy looks like a simple and straightforward person, his brain is turning very fast." Chu Yu’s back channels smiled faintly. "I don’t know what you mean. Since you are willing to do so, I naturally want to be a dry sister. I still have a sectarian protector in this refined treasure cabinet. Would you like to come out?"
It is said that Simon Yuan Ba had won this message after repeated efforts. At this moment, he was really happy to hear Chu Yu’s answer. "How to arrange five masters is good."
"People don’t call me five masters, but it’s better to call me Zhang Jiao."