The red leaf line speaks softly but speaks faster than others, showing a kind of urgency. "Give me the information. I am better at chemistry than her."

Ten minutes later, Hongye turned over the last page of AP469 data.
Baishi sighed at her reading speed comparable to that of a scanner, and at the same time thought that the fox might be able to retire from ghostwriting in the past 30 days.
Just thinking about the door, the wind chimes rang again.
Baishi looked around and saw someone looking in at the door.
Similar things have happened five or six times just now.
The first time Baishi returned them, they were attracted by a meal, but he soon found out that it was wrong-these people couldn’t walk through the door. They were ordinary passers-by who pushed the door and asked if the store was open.
Once again, Baishi had to find another small blackboard to write "closed" and put it at the door.
In what will suddenly appear this phenomenon …
I’m sure I can’t get away from the new employee at the counter.
"That" in the face of Baishi’s question, Hongye said casually while taking out her notes from nowhere.
"I brought my own Buff‘’ money tide’, and now I’m sitting in the store, and its effect is to attract customers."
This Buff name shines at Baishi’s eyes, but after remembering the attribute of the title party, he suddenly became alert and pressed his heart back with excitement.
When you come to this topic, you can’t help but ask, "Do you say that Buff butterflies endure it?"
"Of course," Hongye is very skilled at tapping the keyboard without stopping for a moment and answering questions. "She can repel mosquitoes and promote plant growth-haven’t you noticed that there are no insects around the house?"
"… I don’t have worms because of the strange climate."
I’ve been watching people typing on the keyboard, and I’m still a little sleepy. Baishi slowly reacted. It’s not helpful for him to stay here. Why don’t you go back to the house and get some sleep?
But just got up, Hongye suddenly stopped him and turned his leg and brain. The screen was facing him-it was a budget table.
"I can’t afford it if I sell it." Baishi stared at the last string and sighed in poverty. "Why don’t we study this medicine?"
“?” Hongye looked up at him for a while and quickly estimated the boss’s selling price in her heart. After the calculation, she felt that Baishi underestimated herself too much. "You are still worth 250,000 yuan in any way."
"… I was just making an analogy!" Baishi suddenly felt a little frightened and decided that Ma would add "no sale of bosses" to the new store rules. "What else is 250,000? You wrote two or three digits less than 250,000. "
Red leaves doubt leaned over and looked at the brain screen for a moment. After that, she showed a clear expression: "The right corner is the final budget here-"She stretched out her hand in the left corner and ordered a "is the need for initial funds"
The red nail dyed by Chlo? dan was reflected in Baishi’s eyes, which instantly reminded him of the words "latosolic red deduction"
"250,000 yen …" Baishi sighed with one hand covering his eyes. "To tell the truth, did you peek at my discount?"
"No," Hongye shook his head seriously. "This is the minimum requirement-please rest assured that I will pay you back the money after earning the necessary research and buying new equipment for Xiaoren."
Baishi suddenly became poor again.
However, because he became poor too many times, he was used to it compared with the previous times.
Besides, Hongye said that she would pay back the money. She looks quite honest and frank, not like a joke type. She should keep her word.
….. Then again, he was casually. He really had to study that medicine!
Hongye seems to be planning to invest and chain stores, and she will leave soon after she gets the funds.