"Then what clues are there at present?" Always ask Aaron here first. There are three special operations teams, four heavenly kings and four Gary Oak present. After all, considering that this crossing has been "kidnapped", at the very least, we should be ready for the corresponding combat power. The police in Manchu gold market are also ready to listen and dispatch at any time.

"DuDu disappeared a week ago after the small pile competition. Understandably DuDu noticed something unusual and immediately chased it, and then there was no text in the city. We received an eyewitness report from the owner who opened an ice cream shop on the border of Manjin City, saying that DuDu was heading for the northeast forest, but we didn’t receive it from the small pile eyewitness report. We were wondering if the little pile lady was pretending to be a person and then left Manjin City after removing her casual clothes, while DuDu was chasing that person, knowing what the consequences were, and lost the means of communication." Mr. Koga said.
"It is said that Xiaoyong used to be with your cousin before, right? Do you think your cousin is in any strange state?" Aaron asked
"True words are less cruel than usual. It should be said that this is usually the case. In terms of appearance and sound, it is exactly the same as my cousin’s. What’s different is that Hydreigon, but I was still a kiddo and didn’t pay much attention to it later."
"That is to say, the makeup level of the other party didn’t make relatives see through it at very close range, and it will change and it will be so strong. Hydreigon Ferry must have felt something was wrong because Xiaoyong was so close, and it was even more impossible because Miss Xiaozhang was pretending to be the other party’s request. Mr. DuDu didn’t contact us and left alone. I think it might be more appropriate to consider this." Aaron also said that Mr. Koga nodded.
"The most surprising thing to say is that the transvestite waveguide is exactly the same as the human being, and it is better to add the other person and the ability to change the waveguide." Superdream came out by the way, but it is clear when it comes to this point, but Aaron can’t just say it like this
"Then the theory of integration is that because Miss Xiaozhang’s life can’t be contacted with the alliance side, she plans to rescue Miss Xiaozhang alone, but her opponent is definitely not an organization, and she dares and has the ability to do it on that occasion, and she also dares to cross the target organization, but I think even the element of waveguide should be taken into account." Xiao Yi said that Aaron was surprised that Xiao Yi said the word "waveguide"
"Waveguide?" Miss Lihua doesn’t seem to know
"It means that things fluctuate. Everyone and things are different. The fingerprint type can be understood to identify individual things. Aaron Lucario has the ability to identify waveguides. If the other party is really prepared carefully enough, this should also be taken into account. After all, Aaron may also have noticed something, and then immediately called Lucario to judge whether it is true or not. Of course, the other party may not know the waveguide. In fact, I am talking about the situation that the opponent is a rocket team. If the other party is not a rocket team. If the other party is a rocket, there is a person in the rocket who can change the waveguide of others. "Xiao Yi said that it should be said that if the dream doesn’t wake him up, Aaron can’t think of it. Xiao Yi has even considered the waveguide. Indeed, in some ways, Aaron can’t compete with Xiao Yi.
"Peace of mind, we guessed from the beginning that the Rockets did it except them, and no one else had the courage to consider the goal. It should be to continue to humiliate the Chengdu Alliance and strengthen its own potential against the Chengdu Alliance. Of course, we don’t rule out crossing the goal. But since the Rockets haven’t published anything about crossing what they have caught, they say that crossing is at least a free man now, but there is no way to contact us. But after listening to Xiaoyi, you said that we are even more convinced that the prisoner is a rocket." Mr. Koga replied that it was thought here.
"And to say that I am proficient in dressing up as someone else’s technical person, I also thought of one, that is, the original fire rock team in Fengyuan area had a man named Banna Iraqis. Didn’t the fire rock team also work as a thief in a newspaper after its dissolution? That man is said to be very proficient in Yi technique and transformation. Now this man has disappeared. He is a guy who refuses to do his job after the dissolution of the Fire Rock Team. I think his words should be able to do that. "Aaron raised his hand and said that everyone began to meditate after hearing this.
"And if it’s the Rockets, then Hydreigon can also explain which special player he is, Poké mon." Xiaoyong also said that the reason can be determined comprehensively.
"Then the base is determined, but in the final analysis, there is no clue to finding a crossing. Although the police have been called out to investigate eastward, there is no trace of fighting. We have almost found the Jihua market all the time." It seems that Mr. Yishu is dispatching the police there. It seems that Mr. Yishu can’t find any clues.
"But if the goal of the Rockets is only Mr. Du, maybe we can’t get any information except that we take the initiative to search the rocket base. But if the goal of the Rockets is not Mr. Du or not just Mr. Du, according to their bad taste, we will definitely tell us what we deliberately led some specific people to the past through some channels," Aaron said. Just after that, a policeman knocked at the door.
"Mr. Yishu Lou, someone called and said he wanted to see Mr. Koga. He said he had information about Mr. Yudu." The policeman came in and said this. Everyone became quiet, then Xiaoyi and Xiaoyong began to look at Aaron, and then everyone began to stare at Aaron …
"I think … it’s better to answer the phone first …"
They all came to the meeting together, and Mr. Koga answered the phone before, but he hung up without two sentences?
"I was asked to go to the barber shop in the southernmost part of town alone," said Mr. Koga, and everyone was silent
"Sure enough, let’s go together. Although we are not afraid of fooling around across the street in the city, the other party should also expect that we will not come alone." Miss Pear said.
"And even if you go to the other side alone in Koga, you will definitely recognize that you are bugged, and you always want to be searched. If you want to take you somewhere alone, it will be even worse, but you can’t disappear like Du." Mr. Bruno also said this. Before Aaron spoke, two kings scrambled to speak, so that he would not think of some euphemisms to express his desire to be with the past.
Then a total of eight people went to the barber shop like this, and many people were getting haircuts, but one person was particularly conspicuous, sitting in a chair and playing with his mobile phone all the time, and it didn’t look like he needed a haircut. Aaron had seen this person wearing blue when the Rockets were operating in Yanmo City, and it seemed that he was the one who challenged the Dojo Hall and was knocked down by Miss Xiaozhang.
"Sure enough, a group of people are coming." The other person also glanced at this side and then put away his mobile phone.
171 questions and answers? Games?
"What’s the matter? Didn’t you say you could come alone?" On the other side, everyone in the barber shop looked at this side.
"No other meaning, let’s change the place first." Mr. Koga suggested that the opposite side didn’t mind walking through the crowd and looking at Aaron’s side. Eight people here followed the man and came to an empty alley.
"There are eight people here. Forget eight, let’s say eight. That’s it. Every time you answer me a question correctly, I will answer you a question, but I won’t answer it if it’s too deep, and I will stop asking at that time. Once I ask a question, you will stop answering it right away. That’s a good idea." The man suddenly began to talk about himself. "So who am I first?"
Mr. Koga, the "Rocket Man", answered the other side and nodded, then it seemed that he could ask a question on his side. "So I asked where the small pile is?"
"In one of our bases, who do you want to find most now?"
"Have you caught the four-day crossing of the Crown Army?"
"No, do you have people from other areas?"
Hearing this question, Mr. Koga paused-obviously, the other party began to inquire about our situation and it was very direct
"What is the goal without you?"
"The world" the other party answered this question directly, and the goal was fooled by the overall goal of the other rocket team. Mr. Koga couldn’t help but feel that his question was not very rigorous. "Then have you called the national police?"
"Without you, what is the small pile that you are currently grabbing?"
"In order to attract some people out, the four guys behind are the four god beasts."
"Yes." After answering this question, Kiki can be sure that the beast on Aaron’s side is also the target of the Rockets, but it is also natural to think about it. "Who are you included in this action target?"
"The four beasts behind you, including the five heavenly kings who spent time with you, and other outstanding Poké mon are all how many police forces do you have now?"
Directly began to inquire about the number of police officers. To be honest, the other party is getting too much. Mr. Koga wants to ask questions like "Where is your base", but the other party will definitely say no and need to ask more information before this. But since the other party has asked this point, Mr. Koga feels that he can go deeper here.
"About 100 people can be mobilized at present," Mr. Yishu replied at the back. "Which special players did you take part in this operation?" Then Mr. Koga continued to ask
"I finally asked this question." It seems that the other party has been waiting for a long time? "I know that there are Wolf Maru adults, Joe adults, osmanthus adults and others, but I don’t know how many of the police officers can probably compete with our elite players?"
"About one person" is a question about police force. Mr. Yishu helped to answer "Would you like to answer how many people you have prepared to deal with us?"
I laughed when I heard Mr. Koga ask the other party this question. "It’s worthy that the Four Kings asked me directly, so I stopped the question and answer directly. The answer is no, and then I will give you some instructions. Would you like to listen?"
"Would you like to be specific about what you want from us?"
"It’s not a special action, or I’ll tell you where your heavenly king crossed later. After you find him, someone will appear. Then please cooperate with us to complete a game, and you will be able to save the cigarette. It’s not a difficult thing for the trainer in Mo Dao Pavilion to break into an abandoned base. The base was found in your next operation, and everything in it has been moved. But it’s strange that your alliance has been slow to send someone to deal with the base. So this time, it’s just right for us to come back and ask us why we will adopt kidnapping?" It seems that the question and answer continues.
"Now that you have said it, I can’t ask you. You are an evil organization kidnapping. It’s not surprising why you will adopt kidnapping this time?"
"It’s very simple, because we don’t want to kidnap us. We intend to go into chaos during your game and then publicly issue a challenge that the Chengdu Alliance will definitely send your four heavenly kings team to destroy us because of the face, and the special action team is also asking us to add a sentence to the declaration, so it is no different from the present situation, and because we have successfully captured the three super-ancient Poké mon, even if we don’t look for you, you are still looking around in a hurry. What do you think? You won’t refuse, will you? But when we were walking in the forest that day, we suddenly bumped into that cigarette. The primary and secondary action of the Mo Dao Pavilion was that I went to deal with the cigarette. The woman in Mo Dao Pavilion remembered that I had to. We immediately dealt with a few people to control it. Although we were drugged, we didn’t do anything to her, and then one of our companions suddenly thought of this method. Another thing to say is that if she ran away at once, we were not going to chase it anyway, even if she ran back to stand. I just want to inform you that we have no intention of stopping. Let’s just say that you have already found out that we rockets are mixed in the full gold market. However, because of the Chengdu Alliance, you don’t start work. There are four people here, and that woman has to fight against us, and then we will beat her. Let her be honest and look at it now. It’s really a correct decision, otherwise I dare not talk to you like this. Then this is the last question. Are you willing to believe us? "
A Aaron, several people here are silent. Although the opposite side is still a smirk, it gives people the feeling that this question is very serious.
"How can I believe it if I don’t believe it? Besides, I am the Four Kings, and you are an evil organization. Even if I look at this position alone, I won’t believe you." Mr. Koga said that he was very serious and sighed when he heard this.
"Well, you also said that you have one last question not to ask? Well, that’s it. I’ll take your last question as’ Where did you cross?’ This is the place where you crossed. At the very least, I told him to wait there. The horse will meet again, but don’t follow me for the time being. I’m so scared now. Let me run first. "After that, the other party handed a note to Mr. Koga and immediately left the lane. It’s not easy to pursue anything here. After all, Miss Xiaozhang is still in their hand, and Mr. Koga looked at the note. Manjin City is quite far to the south, where there is a small town, and after investigating the information later, it is found that there is indeed a small base next to it, which is also on the list of successful extermination of an operation. It can be reached by flying Poké mon in one day, but today it can’t be here before dark, and the police have to be transferred to prepare to leave early in the morning.
"Aaron, what do you think of the Rockets’ action?" At the Poké mon Center, three people on Aaron’s side also began to sort things out. Why did the trophy have been sent back to Green Yuan Ye long ago? Because Aaron here is moving all day, there are really not many things and he is packing them up. Xiaoyi suddenly asked the truth. Aaron is also quite puzzled about this rocket action. Although he is puzzled about the rocket action at ordinary times, he is even more puzzled this time.