Kelly’s explanation shocked these old killers again.

They can’t figure out where these strange ideas come from in Kelly’s mind, but it’s like that. Everything seems to be said casually, but when I hear it, I feel that it’s been thought through again.
In fact, what Kelly has said and hasn’t said is that he knew these things when he was in the later army. It is very simple for him. He just moved here without considering or studying. Anyway, they are all things that have been tested and fixed.
Kelly shook his hand and said, "Now let’s put the military affairs aside and make the army system clear first, and then we’ll have to ask your uncles to contribute together."
A few old killers just heard Kelly say that the army organizational system was listening eagerly. Seeing Wang Ke talking about the military school again, things were a little anxious.
Cheng Zhijie is even more eager to say, "The military school is to stop talking first and then what you just said."
Kelly smiled and said slowly, "Every three classes form a platoon leader, and each platoon leader is borne by a second lieutenant or lieutenant, while each platoon leader is borne by a sergeant who has just been pulled up or a student who has just come out of a military school. This will help them learn problems such as trooping, so that they can better exercise their strength when leading a platoon alone in the future."
Li Jing couldn’t help nodding when he heard this. "It’s a good way to connect closely and let the latecomers learn a lot of skills in leading troops!"
Chapter DiYiQi promotion again (2)
Ignoring Excavate’s praise, Kelly continued, "Each company is composed of three platoons, each company commander is supported by a lieutenant or commandant, and each company deputy company commander is supported by a platoon leader who rises from the surface. That sentence is still good for them to learn, such as the problem of bringing troops, so that in the future they can lead a company-level and platoon-level officer who can better exercise their own strength alone. Officers can’t live in the camp with their families every day, and the soldiers can take turns to take vacations every year."
Li Yi understood Kelly’s meaning and high-five said, "It’s thoughtful. If you go further to the officers, there will be something special, which will force the officers at these two levels to work hard for promotion, or they will achieve their wish to reunite with their families."
Excavate interrupted, "Let’s not talk about listening to my good nephew."
Kelly smiled and then said, "Each battalion consists of four companies, including three infantry companies and one artillery company. Note that my nephew said here that artillery refers to small artillery and large artillery will be specifically said later."
Wang Kegang said here that Cheng Lao just quit. He felt that what Kelly said was very similar to what Excavate said. Isn’t this a disguised denial of his proposal?
Cheng Laosha jumped up and shouted, "How can this be? Didn’t I say it just now? So the artillery will be dispersed, and the power will be reduced a lot?"
Wei Chijingde and Qin Shubao, who were in favor of Cheng Lao’s killing talents, nodded repeatedly to show that they were also in favor of Cheng Zhijie’s views, while Excavate sat there and stroked his beard and laughed because Kelly said that he was more consistent with his own ideas.
Kelly spoke out of turn and said, "Uncle Cheng doesn’t have to worry about waiting for my nephew to finish and then object. It’s not too late for my nephew to say that it’s just a small artillery now. After all, this artillery is light and portable, and there is no problem with infantry operations. Besides, it’s too early for my nephew to say that the power is reduced now."
Cheng Zhijie was also angry at Kelly, a soft nail. He sat down bitterly and muttered, "It depends on what you say."
Kelly didn’t sit until he saw Cheng Lao’s killing. He no longer explained that "each battalion commander is borne by a major, while the deputy battalion commander is borne by the company commander. The little nephew no longer said that several uncles are already white."
When Wang Ke saw several old killers, he nodded and said that Bai Cai continued, "The regiment is different. In the war, the regiment is the lowest-level headquarters, and the officers attached to it will be neat. Many first, the highest head of the regiment is attached to three departments by a famous school, namely the General Staff Department. The heads of the logistics department and the equipment department are respectively borne by a lieutenant colonel, and the deputy head of this regiment is in charge of different things at the same level. The heads of the three departments are respectively affiliated to several professional departments, and the battalion commander at the same level. A regiment is composed of two infantry battalions, a large-caliber artillery battalion and a cavalry battalion, and it is also equipped with two companies directly under the regiment, namely a scout company and a communication company, which will play a reconnaissance and liaison role in combat. "
At this time, a bunch of old people have been deceived by Kelly. They didn’t expect that a young man who had never been to the battlefield would have such a careful arrangement, and it is so reasonable to think about all the situations in the battlefield.
In their view, Kelly is simply a military genius. If he has some experience in killing the enemy on the battlefield, he will be better than himself.
Kelly continued without looking at the expression of this gang of old killers. "The treatment of officers at the battalion and regiment levels is better than that at the company and platoon levels. You can bring your family members, but you can’t build a government. All your family members must live in a unified way. These two officers can also go home every five days and have to live in the barracks the rest of the time. This is the so-called treatment of intermediate officers."
Wang Ke came to say that it was a division-level organizational system, but before he said it, Kelly suddenly remembered that he was establishing a rank system and setting up a marshal rank. If we simply follow the sequence of later generations, this rank level will have a level without troops
Wang Kema made a small change before saying, "The first-level director of the division is organized by a major general and three departments, and there is another deputy teacher. These four people are all borne by the officers of the rank school, and so on. The military director of the first-level command of the battlefield at this level has a cold decision and can adjust according to the changes in the battlefield at the same time to achieve the minimum loss in exchange for the maximum victory! A division consists of three infantry regiments, a heavy artillery regiment and a cavalry regiment. Senior officers of the same division directly under the scout battalion and the communication battalion can go home every day in the resident Yajian Mansion under the condition of ensuring that someone is on duty. "
Kelly’s eyes were fixed when he made this remark. For them, it was really unexpected that a simple family problem could be made so many tricks by Kelly.
Excavate quickly asked "not finished? My dear nephew, go on and let the old lady hear what else there is! "
Kelly cleared his throat and said, "The division is the last level of the standing army. Each army has a commander, a deputy commander, a lieutenant general, and a deputy commander of several departments. The division configuration at the same level is the same as that of the army under its jurisdiction. Of course, it is also an infantry division, three cavalry divisions and artillery divisions, and then directly under the scouts and communication groups."
Li Wangke said that he had finished asking here. "Is that it? But how do I feel that there should be some left? "
Kelly couldn’t help laughing and said, "Uncle’s impatient little nephew hasn’t finished yet. It’s just that he wants to drink water for a long time."
Then he took a cup of tea on the table and said, "My little nephew just said that it is a general standard army system. In fact, there are many independent divisions and regimental units in each military region, just like the special reconnaissance units we are training now, they are not affiliated to an army system and directly accept the command of the top commanders of various military regions. In wartime, special forces cooperate with conventional forces."
Sit there has been no word Qin Shubao then asked "my dear, don’t camp at all levels is not equipped with scouts and communication? If so, wouldn’t the independent combat teams get in touch with the French level? "
Kelly was reminded by this question that he didn’t really realize this problem when describing the organizational system at all levels. At this moment, Qin Shubao came out and hurriedly said, "Uncle, that’s a good question. Just now, my little nephew didn’t make it clear that adding a scout here is actually not equipped. After all, there is a battalion in the regiment. An independent combat unit can give orders to the battalion at the regiment level. However, it is necessary for the communications corps to have a problem at the corresponding level. Because it is the same problem as the battalion, it is not necessary to have a battalion. To carry out special operations, the regiment or our special reconnaissance team can assign this battalion a class of scouts or special reconnaissance team members to cooperate with them, so that all problems will be solved. "
Chai Shao also said at this time, "But according to my good idea, our artillery is not enough, let alone large artillery!"
Not the kui is the equipment minister’s first thought is the equipment problem.
Kelly and they have different views on this issue. These old killers think that all the troops are distributed together, and Kelly knows that the current production level is not up to the standard. It can be equipped in batches and in order of priority.
Kelly replied, "This problem is very realistic. We can’t and can’t do it now. We have to look at what is the most urgent need for us to give priority to equipping the team here. Every time we produce a batch, we will equip a team. According to my nephew, there is no threat to our Datang country. We can face this problem completely because the initiative is in our hands and we don’t want to fight this war."
Kelly’s words didn’t say that finish, but he laughed hey hey. How can he have a smile when he didn’t know what Kelly didn’t say?
At this moment, it’s good for Kelly to feel stronger than pride! If you don’t say that others dare not treat you like anything, you are happy. If you want to practice training, you can just choose who is not pleasing to the eye and practice it.
Kelly sat there daydreaming about several old killers, and also discussed Wang Ke’s proposal fiercely. He also asked Kelly from time to time, and Kelly also expressed his thoughts in detail.
At this time, Kelly can’t see who is what department, so he can say it directly if he has any way to solve a problem, regardless of whether it is the stall he is managing now.
Kelly knows that they are still not used to entering their roles in this situation, but it’s also good that Kelly doesn’t know whether what he said meets the current objective conditions, so that these old killers can discuss and revise it. After all, they have been living in this era and know all the realities like the back of their hands. Their suggestions for revision should make their suggestions more suitable for this era and easier to implement.
It took several old killers to discuss Li Jing’s writing down everything Kelly said, and then listing their opinions on his face next to him before he showed them to Kelly.
Wang Ke accepted many suggestions, pointed out some things he didn’t think were right, and then communicated with several old killers and wrote them after reaching a consensus.
After all the problems are solved, it is clear that Wang Kecai and several old killers walked to Comrade Li Er’s royal room with this thick stack of discussions. After all, it is not at all that they can’t get the approval of Comrade Li Er no matter how lively they talk.
Chapter DiYiQiJiu Family
After Comrade Li Er’s approval, the military organizational system entered the formal implementation stage. Of course, Kelly was put in Li Jing’s office every day. After all, no matter how to modify the plan framework, he came out. He also needed to be present during the implementation because he was most familiar with the establishment of this system.
Kelly has also participated in several such operations, but this time it was too big. It was to overthrow the former military system and rebuild a new one. It was so difficult every time, from selecting the supervisor to assigning the deputy, from how many military systems each military region needed to whether each army was fully staffed. Kelly was too busy to go out early and never see the sun. It was already full of stars to go home late.