I felt the man’s "wandering" hand Ji Zhao frowning. I didn’t want to reach out and pat the man’s hand. She scolded him for dragging his tail. "Seriously, can you stop being so’ old and not serious’ …"

Yan Ye City "…"
He frowned. "Do you think I’m old again?" He straightened her body and reached over and grabbed her delicate jaw. "How did I’ punish’ you last night for forgetting it for only a few hours?"
Jizhao remembered that the man was crazy last night, and his heart couldn’t help trembling. It was really as crazy as the hotel that night.
Thinking of her reaching out and crawling around the man’s chest with her fingers, "You say you’re not afraid of premature aging when you’re forty?"
Yan Yecheng Wen Jizhao’s smile made him even more. "You are only a few years old now and you are worried about sex in your 40 s and 50 s?"
He held her hand loosely and kissed her with a thin lip. His sexy voice was slightly bad. "When did you become so slutty?" Huh? "
Jizhao’s face was flushed with men’s words. Before she could speak, men had already chuckled. "Don’t worry, your husband and I can cry you in minutes when I am fifty years old …"
When he said this, the hot breath sprayed on her face. Ji Zhao’s blushing face dodged straight into the quilt. "Yan Yecheng, you are simply a prostitute. Shut up and bother you!"
"Okay, I’ll shut up!" He chuckled and buried it in the quilt, and she gently pulled it out. "Just do it!"
"Don’t" Ji Zhao saw that the man really took off her clothes and quickly reached out to stop the man from making trouble in his own body. "I’m exhausted after shopping all day, and you still torture me."
The man stopped? I looked at her for a while before I said, "Don’t want it tonight?"
She leaned against the pillow and looked lazy. "No, I don’t want it."
Yan Yecheng kissed her on the cheek before Huo Ran got up from her and casually asked, "Did you go to prison today?"
Ji Zhaowen looked at the man with apricot eyes and showed her eyebrows. "How do you know?" As soon as the words were asked, she came over for nothing to provoke her eyebrows and frowned. "You have someone to follow me?"
He picked up her hand and kissed her. "I’ve been looking for someone to follow you since you were provoked by Guo Orange fans, but you never knew it."
Ji Zhao looked at Fang Man and said, "Are you still so confident to find someone to follow me?"
"I mean well."
"Well, I also take it as a kindness." She was too lazy to dispute with him and thought about it. "Yan Yecheng Ge Shu was pregnant …"
Yan Ye City’s big hands with drooping eyelids have also been rubbing against her palm and there is no expression "What? She’s pregnant, so are you soft? "
"No" Ji Zhao smiled at the man "because she said she was pregnant with you"
Yan Ye City "…"
"So you believe this?" He lifted his eyes and looked at the woman with a smile on her face. He laughed very much. "So you just came back because of this?"
Ji Zhao suddenly withdrew his hand from the man’s hand with a cold hum. "If I believed it, I would have dismantled you a long time ago. Can I still have a good temper and talk to you here?"
Yan Yecheng watched the woman turn over and ignore him. He could follow her whatever she was, but she was not allowed to ignore what he had done. She stuck her face down and wiped her earlobe with her thin lips. "Are you angry?"
She buried her face in the quilt and replied, "well, you don’t believe I’m angry now!" "
The big hand will block her face and long hair from behind her ears. "Well, I am stupid to think so. Are you not angry?"
"Yan Yecheng actually believes you in my heart." She is still trapped in the bedding. After he left her hair, her white cochlea was exposed. "I also know that you love me and are good to me, but if I want to think of your former love, Ge Shu will be grieved, so I won’t let myself think about it. I can’t stop thinking about it …"
After listening to Ji Zhao’s words, Yan Yecheng felt distressed and distressed, and his liver also hurt. He couldn’t help but sigh, "You are thinking again, right?"
With a big hand resting on her waist, she held her whole body to his leg with one hand. The woman wanted to block her face and rub it against his armpit. He stopped her and held her. She was forced to face him head on, and she came straight into his eyes without wiping off the tears.
His pupil suddenly contracted and his voice was hoarse. "Why is the little fool crying?"
Being discovered by Yan Yecheng, Jizhao is not melodramatic, and his mouth is curled. "I don’t know …"
It is the thought that men have loved other women and that other women have hurt her that makes them angry and sad.
"I love you, I love you, I love you …" He bowed his head and kissed away the tears on her face, and said with distress, "In fact, my feelings for Ge Shu were more like I didn’t get persistent. At that time, I didn’t know what love was. I felt that I loved her so much and felt that I loved her and was good to her, just like you once said that the more I couldn’t get it, the more I wanted it."
"But then you appeared, and I gradually put my mind on you, but I didn’t find that I loved you. I just hurt yourself. I didn’t want you to leave me, but I never thought about what I wanted to do to hurt myself and almost lost you …"
He held her and gradually tightened up. "Ji Zhao, don’t scare me. The day after tomorrow is our wedding."
Ji Zhao rubbed his nose and tears hard at the man’s shirt collar. Only then did he feel satisfied and looked at the man with a face of injustice. "I’m hungry in Yucheng. When can you let me eat?"
Yan Ye City "…"
He caressed her face and said softly, "What do you want to eat?"
"Do as you see fit, as long as it’s delicious."
Yan Yecheng smiled, "Stay with me?"
JiZhaoWen directly rolled into the bed to lift was wrapped up "you call me ….."
Yan Ye City’s smile deepened. He shook his head, climbed up to the woman and kissed her. Then he turned and walked out of the bedroom.
The day before the wedding, Ji Zhao received a message from’ someone’
When she didn’t hear the words ring once, she didn’t insist on calling the second time. She just passed, but the man who went to wash his hands sent her another text message.
The text message is "Ji Zhao, I know you are taking a call, okay?"
Before she came to her senses, the man’s words had been called again.
Jizhao thought for a while or picked up the words. She hasn’t called Chen Yanting yet. "Zhaozhao …"
Ji Zhao looked at the French window and slowly drove into the luxury private car in the community. She smiled, "What can I do for you?"
Section 21
Chen Yanting’s voice is hoarse and faintly heavy. "Listen to your brother and say that the day is your wedding date …"
Ji Zhao stroked his long hair and smiled gently. "Yes, it will be my wedding day with Yan Yecheng soon."