"Don’t talk nonsense!" Chu Lin, except for his little Luca brasi, doesn’t have a relationship with women at ordinary times. At first glance, when I heard Yan Niang’s dirty words, I would have been so angry that my roots would itch, fold the fan, brush and turn out a beautiful arc, and several steel needles have been rapidly stabbed at that woman.

Yan Niang jumped into the long skirt, waved a steel needle and plunged into her dress.
"Where is Yuan Zhimei?" Chu Lin and the woman in red quickly got Yuan Zhi to attack from behind her. The woman was overwhelmed and got a palm directly.
Su Shiyuan looked at the sky outside. At this time, it was already dark. After seeing Yuan Zhi, she remembered that Mei could not fall!
For Su Shiyuan, Yuan Zhi wondered how Mei could be outside.
"Mei and I went to the barracks to deliver food at noon, and she went to see you herself. She was with you." Su Shiyuan explained to Yuan Zhiyi and suddenly felt that something was wrong.
"You took my friend, right? Say! " At this time, Chu Lin has already lived in Yan Niang’s acupoints. Yuan Zhi came up to her and questioned her. At this time, her eyes were full of anger, just like a hungry beast, which was very scary.
Mei usually has no mind’s eye and has never been out alone. When she first arrived in Chu, she certainly couldn’t find her way back to the house. Even if she didn’t catch her, it was equally worrying.
Yan Niang laughed. "Brother, is your friend a woman?"
Looking at a few people worried about the appearance of the woman in red, Yuan Zhi stretched out his hand and grabbed her neck and made a determined effort to tear her apart.
"Ahem, I never catch a girl." I finally caught a monkey. Yuan Zhi was afraid to strangle her and let go in anger.
Finally got the fresh air, and the girl in red gasped and coughed repeatedly. When she heard the word Yan Niang, Su Shiyuan couldn’t help but shock one.
In my early years, I often heard from the sisters of Xiaoyao Gate about this brilliant girl. I heard that she was born in Qingcheng School, and she was good at men and women. It was hard to find a place to live in the Jianghu.
I didn’t expect to see her today, and Su Shiyuan didn’t expect that Yan Mei was so young and still a little girl! Look at the age is similar to Xianer Mei.
"Are you going to say it or not?" Yuan Zhi shouted angrily and didn’t listen to what she said.
This woman caught him because she cheated him. Just now, they were in the same room, and she flashed words. The more beautiful women are, the more they will lie and cough, except of course, their princess empress.
"Yuan Zhi, I believe what she said is true." Su Shiyuan looked at Yuan Zhi and said that Chu Lin also agreed with Su Shiyuan and nodded.
After all, Yan Niang came for these people. Even if Qin specially bribed her to harm them, how could she count the maids? Although Su Shiyuan treats her like a sister, Qin Kai and others will not focus on her.
Seeing this, Yuan Zhi will temper his temper a little. "Gentlemen, I’ll get her back!"
Chu Lin nodded, Yuan Zhi turned and rushed out of the room. At this time, lanterns were lit outside the inn, and it was dark outside, which made people suddenly feel tight.
Yuan Zhi walked to the door of the inn and looked at three horses in front of the door. The feeling was nasty, so he crossed one directly and left in the direction of the military camp.
I hope nothing will happen to her! Yuan Zhi remembered Su Shiyuan and said to him that Mei specially sent him a meal at noon, and suddenly his heart was warm.
She’s tough. I didn’t expect such a sweet side
The evening breeze slowly blew Yuan Zhi’s clothes swinging, and a beautiful radian was raised behind him. One person and one horse put the Buddha into the night, which seemed so wild and uninhibited.
Yan Niang said that the two hands around Chu Lin are all outstanding, and that the superiority of being around Chu Lin for a long time seems to have been diluted.
Neither Yuan Zhi nor Hong Zhan was born in poverty. It is great to pick one out casually.
Indeed, as Yuan Zhi expected, Mei didn’t go out after many turns in this forest, and she stumbled almost every few steps.
"Monkey monkey, where are you!" Mei felt that there was no difference between opening her eyes and closing them, so she couldn’t see the road clearly. There was a little light not far away. Mei took a few steps towards the front, but suddenly she heard the barking of a wild animal, and she was so scared that she fell back and stumbled.
Mei wiped her face and tears, feeling that her hair stood on end. She walked through the night before, but she was with her own young lady. Everything can protect herself. But now Mei feels lost. When it gets dark, it is very fast. At this time, she is extremely nervous. She hopes that the sky will light up soon, but it seems to be very slow. 116 Xiaoxiang fans carnival, about the great god, grab the gift!
Seems to be too slow
It’s the first time for Mei to come here. Even if she walks alone in broad daylight, she will feel confused. She still doesn’t know the way during the day, let alone at night.
"Monkey! I finally found you! " I feel that the wild animals around me are barking closer and closer. Mei feels that the roots can’t run out. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Frustrated, I find that my roots are not broken with fire.
Open your eyes again and there will be a warm breath. When Mei sees the person in front of her clearly, she can’t help shouting.
Is Yuan Zhi didn’t pay attention to her Zhang Jun face. At this time, it was cold and abnormal. Mei kept looking at him and didn’t dare to motivate her. Did she find that the man was staring at her because she was too troublesome?
Just as Mei was guessing, Yuan Zhi took out the one that accompanied him all day with a dagger and stabbed him.
"ah!" Mei was surprised and exclaimed, then covered her eyes. What monkey wanted to kill her? At this moment, the only thing in Mei’s mind is this question.
But at this time, in addition to her alarm, she was accompanied by a wild animal howling. Mei looked out through her fingers and found that the man was still holding the dagger in his hand and was dripping bright red blood.
Mei didn’t realize the seriousness of the matter until she turned around and looked behind her. There was a motionless wolf lying behind her.
"It’s not afraid that it’s okay. Let’s get out of here." Yuan Zhi followed Chu’s departure in the wild all the year round, and his eyes were completely adapted to the moonless night. At this time, there was a smell of blood in front of them. Yuan Zhi knew that the beasts would gather around when they smelled it for a while.
Mei nodded and Yuan Zhi was almost reluctant to get her a horse. First, she couldn’t ride a horse. Second, she couldn’t lift her legs and sweated!
"Monkey, thank you just now!" Two talents and one horse have galloped. Today, this horse is a little difficult to control, just like being shy with strangers. Yuan Zhi clung to the reins and thought that it must be an ambush for the surrounding wild animals, which surprised the horse.
Yuan Zhi heard her say this and burst out laughing. "Someone came to deliver food and almost fed himself out. What do you say? I thank you."
Mei bowed her head in shame and put her hand around his waist. She found that her arms were too thick to hold him, but she didn’t let go.
"Am I stupid?" Mei leaned her head against his back and Yuan Zhi recognized that she must be frightened.
"No, it’s just a bit silly." Yuan Zhi heard her hum a plum. At this time, she closed her eyes and put her head on his back. She wanted to fall asleep, but the five zang-organs temple was a little noisy at this time.
"What sound?" Yuan Zhi’s ear is very good. Even though the horse is galloping, he still hears these strange sounds.
Mei is a little embarrassed. "I’m hungry."
When she was very hungry, she didn’t want to take a bite. Although the food was cold, she didn’t catch up with him.
"Meixian insists that we will be back to Wangfu soon," Yuan Zhi advised her.