Of course they have no problem eating raw and cooked.

Chapter 35 Refining Dan medicine
They all have a broken attitude towards themselves.
Later, they didn’t want to successfully transfigure into a human monk contract and then left the secret world to the outside world … which became their new goal.
But even so, the goal is not easy to achieve.
Either they can’t see the strength of human monks, or those human monks see them as if they saw their prey, and the hunter’s eyes are shining, and they want to skin them and draw bones. Generally, they know that they can’t beat them, and they never gather together in front of that kind of monks.
So far, they still haven’t found a chance to leave the secret land.
Although they are friendly to Yun Mingyuan and Han Xiumo now, these are all forced to be humble by these two human monks, which is not their consideration.
Yunmingyuan and Han Xiumo still don’t know that they have been abandoned.
Since Han Xiumo went out to help refine Dan medicine, he immediately began to work.
Beside him, besides Han Huairen, it can be said that no one can blast an alchemist, and it is even more impossible for him to avoid people and directly take out the blast furnace and start an alchemist.
On the one hand, Han Xiumo consciously has something to do with alchemy. Han Huairen also had some awkward feelings in his heart because Han Xiumo became an alchemist. Now, looking at his children’s actions, the bad feelings in his heart disappeared instantly.
In fact, he knows very well in his heart that not every alchemist is fishing for fame and stealing other people’s treasures and celebrities. It’s just that Yaowanggu didn’t meet good people before.
He set his eyes on Han Xiumo’s body and eyes to eliminate a lot of bad feelings.
Yunmingyuan noticed his mood changes, but he didn’t say much.
Yunmingyuan didn’t intend to intervene in their father’s affairs before Han Huairen did not hurt Han Xiumo.
They can always solve it by themselves.
Han Xiumo’s talent in alchemy is obviously not white.
They know that the medicinal materials are handed over to the human alchemist, and they can get the alchemist to refine the elixir. Whether the alchemist has deducted their elixir from the alchemist in this process is mostly unknown.
Most demons go straight to their heads. Where can there be so many twists and turns of human monks?
Han Xiumo took the medicinal materials and directly opened the furnace to make an alchemist’s fruit.
Seeing all this, the two demons repaired "…"
The serpent … that is, the nine-day python, with some doubts, crept up to the side of the carving, and whispered, "Is this human monk ok?"
At his one eye, SuDiao didn’t speak.
Even if you doubt him in your heart, you can’t say it. Can’t you see that there is a really big demon eyeing them next to these two human monks and can’t wait to stare at them all the time?
Even if he gave him ten bravery, he didn’t dare to say more in front of that one.
This python has a bad brain.
Su Diao secretly decided to keep his distance from the nine-day python, and this guy lowered his IQ.
Yunmingyuan also heard the words of the nine-day python and glanced at the two monsters lightly.
He didn’t say anything. I don’t know that Yun Mingyuan saw the two-eyed old-fashioned carving and the nine-day python, which made him feel cold in his back.
The human monk … According to their level, it’s not bad at all.
The two of them suddenly thought of Shimingquan in unison. Is it because Shimingquan, a human monk, brought them such a big crisis?
I used to watch Baoshan, but I didn’t know how to do it. The two demons had some regrets in their hearts.
If when the ghost spring is they got and know when the ghost spring way …
But this idea can also be thought about.
They have been guarding Shiming Spring for so many years, but they have not benefited from this Shiming Spring. Even when Shiming Spring really reaches their hands, there is nothing at all.
Even Han Huairen couldn’t help sobbing at the corner of his eyes when Han Xiumo fried the furnace twice.
His original Han Xiumo Dan technique should be good … That’s it?
He felt that all his mistakes seemed ridiculous.
Since Han Xiumo has a talent for alchemy by himself, what if he teaches Han Xiumo his medical training again?
Now there is no one in the valley of medical repair. He is the only one in the valley of medical repair, but this status is not only glory but also a shackle for Han Huairen.
He is burdened with revenge for medical repair, and now he lacks enthusiasm for his medical skills. Knowing a goal is no longer suitable for a simple medical repair.
At this moment, an idea suddenly occurred to him.
Maybe … He should abandon some old ideas and ideas and try to combine medical practice with alchemy.
True revenge … should be to the other party’s best thing to beat the opponent in an open manner.
Although refining Xuan Dan is not the first time to be familiar with Dan Fang, it is not surprising that Han Xiumo can make a great contribution to twice frying furnace. He knows his own strength very well, so he is already familiar with the frying furnace situation.
He should be able to refine taxiing Dan a few more times.
The process of refining Dan medicine is also a kind of practice for Han Xiumo to refine Lingcao, which is extremely easy to get tired. Fortunately, in the process of alchemy, the main reliance is the spiritual force, but Han Xiumo has never seen anyone who is fascinated with alchemy.
His method is also a well-behaved alchemy.
Refining Xuanji Dan requires a lot of spiritual energy. According to the normal construction period, the spiritual roots of monks can’t support refining Xuanji Dan.
But Han Xiumo is no ordinary monk.
Although his spiritual strength is not as vigorous as Yun Mingyuan’s, nor as many means as Yun Mingyuan’s to accumulate spiritual strength, he learned a way to transform his aura into himself in his previous life.
With this secret method, his spiritual power is not inexhaustible, but it is more than enough to cope with most situations.
The fourth furnace of taxiing Dan has been successively refined, and only then can two Dan be refined.
I was shocked that I didn’t think much of Han Xiumo’s carving and the nine-day python.
Chapter 36 Queen Bee Butterfly
Not to mention that Qianshuhua is also an important medicinal material. Han Xiumo, an alchemist, heard that Yun Mingyuan had got so many Qianshuhua queen bees and butterflies and wanted to get them back …