"Then what?"

"It’s like my father said that this changed for a while, but now my second and third brothers are still ignorant. They are not as gentle, considerate and passionate as I am, and our God family men are always well-known for their kindness to their wives. For example, my father, like my second and third uncles, hehe … I think we can’t discredit God family men because of our second and third brothers, right?"
"continue to fool"
"… mom, I mean it from the bottom of my heart, and I’m not going to keep hogging Warm Son. I won’t have to wait for Warm Son to have a baby like Dad. I don’t think I can force my second brother and third brother to be too tight, right? It’s better to be stubborn and not sweet. When they both like to wet the bed later, I will naturally …"
"Just what?"
"Hehe, I’ll make a big bed, then I’ll ask my mother to make a big quilt, and then my wife will sleep and my brothers will sleep on both sides."
The last sentence somehow lit up several eyes.
God’s concluding speech "sounds reasonable"
Brave and deified immediately raised their hands and said "We protest"
God is in no mood to say, "Those who protest are allowed to wait in the training ground after dinner."
Deify "…" Here we go again.
Brave and wailing, "Big Brother wants virtue. Can’t you change it after so many years?"
Shinto: "What is the most effective move?"
Brave "…"
They stopped protesting, okay?
Seeing that several people stopped talking, Sanzang smiled and said, "I am a German. Look at all of you who have been folded by my noble virtue."
Ji Fenghua didn’t good the spirit scolded, "Shut up for me."
Holy hey hey laugh.
This family is really a perfect match for their surnames, and there is no one in this god. She is capitalized.
After dinner, Ji Fenghua asked Wen again, "Does my daughter-in-law want to go to Forgotten River with me?"
"Forget the Chuanhe River?"
"Well, it’s the only river in the tribe, and the scenery is not bad. Big girls and little wives go there to wash clothes."
Warm just want to promise the sacred, and then grabbed the words to "no"
Ji Fenghua was furious. "Don’t you dare to make trouble again, you little bastard?"
The sacred busy explained, "Mom, I’m not making trouble. The water in the Forgotten River is too cold and warm to go these days."
Ji Fenghua didn’t come for nothing. "What?"
The warm consciousness tried to stop it, but I didn’t stop it when I heard the sacred blurt out, "Because the relatives of the warm children came, I just arrived last night and I took care of it all night."
Smell speech brave suddenly realize surprise way: "Oh, so you were busy with this last night. Hahahaha, I almost can’t eat when I think."
It turned out that he was serving the moon. He had the most experience and forced him to get angry, but he had no place to vent. Hahahaha, the boss finally tasted it!
Divine watched him excited and almost danced. "Uncle, pay attention to the image. Although the small fresh meat has become the old bacon now, it’s still a piece of meat. Take care of some feathers. Don’t let my mother eat it. Don’t forget that there are other delicious meats waiting to be delivered …"
Brave "…"
He is cruel.
Deification didn’t speak this time. First, it was a topic of women. Second, I was glad to say it secretly in my heart. Isn’t it hatred? Ha ha…
Ji Fenghua looked at the warmth and couldn’t wait to kick her feet to evoke her lips, but her mouth still asked, "Warm son is better now?"
Warm, that’s embarrassing. Didn’t you say that the ancients were subtle, tactful, conservative and pedantic? What, did she have these attributes after seeing these?
It’s uncomfortable to talk openly about menstruation outside the tribe, and even worse, in front of men
Well, she’s just a careless, generous and open-minded woman!
She smiled very reluctantly. "Thank you, my mother-in-law. I’m already suffering."
Ji Fenghua nodded and wanted to ask something, but was robbed by the sacred words. "It’s all my credit!"
Wen Yan Ji Fenghua didn’t spit at him angrily. "What have you done and dare to take credit?"
Divine snapping fingers showed off "I did a lot of work, made my bed, burned hot water, boiled sugar water for warm children, massaged warm children and prepared for her …"
Seeing that he can’t stop the brakes, he has to say everything when he is doing the monthly work. The rhythm is warm and busy, and he interrupted with a smile. "Yes, he really worked hard yesterday."
Holy smell speech ignores people’s watching, secretly grinding their teeth, holding her hand affectionately and saying, "Warm son, this is all I should do. How can I take care of my wife?" Isn’t that a disgrace to our ancestors? "
Brave smell speech silently vomit, so you have humiliated the ancestors of the family of God, and you are still twenty-four filial piety and good husband? What the hell …
JiFengHua hum laughed "is it? I didn’t even know that I was so promising that I could boil water and massage. Hehe, I haven’t seen it as a mother! "
This statement is half-truths and half-truths, and it is somewhat humorous and somewhat jealous. It is not jealousy and warmth, but the subtle mentality of the mother.
Having worked so hard to raise a child, he was his closest relative, but when another woman appeared, he was told what to do.
Even if Ji Fenghua is generous, he can’t be vulgar.
Brave is still adding fuel to the fire. "I said that I married my wife and forgot that my mother’s ancestors really didn’t bully me!"
Deification is also lazy to make up a knife. "As soon as you have a wife here, you will become a baiwenhang unreliable!"
God looked at the two men with an expression on his face. "You speak as if you are not men."
It’s really annoying to say that when two people are right, they will kill everything at once.
The warmth didn’t interrupt. The goods dug their own holes and filled them themselves!
Sacred unhurried smile flattery "ha ha mother’s adult you so can be so self-deprecating? My filial piety to you is that I don’t have a chance to show it. I have a second uncle’s massage when I boil water, and a third uncle’s sneeze. I can’t even grab the toilet paper. You say that dad and uncles love you so tightly. What can I do? Besides, the rivalry between the three of them is already in full swing. Can I get involved again? "
Ji Fenghua hehe "continue to fool"
Sacred but painting style suddenly turned to a face of grief and shook his head. "Don’t say too much, it’s all tears in my heart. Well, since my mother thinks I’m not filial enough, I will definitely redouble my efforts to show my uncle and uncle’s work. I have contracted to wash your face and bind your hair while doing it. I cried out one by one, disgusting mother will accompany you to eat outside at noon, and I will turn you around in the wild Woods after dinner …"
"Shut up!" JiFengHua stop face rarely flashed a bit uncomfortable.
Brave but listen to open your eyes, "and so on this wild grove is how to return a responsibility? Who has drilled with Xiao Huahua? "
Deified shaking his head, he doesn’t like to play this kind of tune, and they both look at God with an epiphany. So you are such a big brother!
Brave "eldest brother, I didn’t expect you to lose me. I have always regarded you as a benchmark for serious people and tried to keep up with you. As a result, you poured such a big pot of dog blood on me."
Deification also showed an unacceptable look: "Brother, why do you want to rob us since you are drilling late in the grove?"
God solemnly said, "the grove is a snack, and I have a big appetite. It’s not that you don’t know."
"Poof …"
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