Xie Quan doesn’t interfere in the business at home, but he has been to the auction several times and bought two pieces smoothly. You’re welcome to worry about it.

Until I saw a Tibetan Xie Quan and sent it to Xie, "Do you want it?"
Xie send is fugue thinking about that piece of land in the western suburbs smell speech and look at the booth.
The price of the necklace is worthless to him.
But the problem is that the necklace owner introduced him to a blind date by his mother.
The blind date is lively and cute, and his mother chooses according to his preference.
But he doesn’t want a blind date.
Xie sent to Xie Quan gherardini.
Xie Quan sticks out his tongue. "I think it’s good to look at girls and it’s interesting to you. You really don’t think about it."
Xie Jishu showed his legs and forefingers folded together. "Career is my eternal pursuit."
Xie Quan pouted, "When I went home for the second time, my mother came to see me specially. Let me see if there are any school-age teachers to introduce you. I said that our laboratory has a good bone frame, and then my mother almost gave me a meal. You said that it was too old and not like my sister. How did the country always count alone?"
Thank you for sending "You have nothing to do"
“! ! !” Xie Quan immediately turn hostile "what is marriage! What is the pattern! A talent like my brother will shine on the cause and the great rejuvenation of the motherland will shine! "
Thank you for sending "buy your things"
Xie Quan "Brother, didn’t you read it?"
Thank you for sending "not interested"
I don’t know how many times I have participated in this kind of charity auction. The focus is on the interpersonal communication after the charity dinner. I just let Xie Quan toss it.
After living for more than 20 years, he thought about getting married after taking over Xie’s family smoothly, and then he gradually lost his marriage. He was not interested in men and women around him, and his material desires gradually lost. Some friends suggested that he go to a temple and become a monk, and he might become a Buddha one day.
In addition, he also has a cousin Xie Yang from geomantic omen doctrine who is bent on studying Taoist geomantic omen. The two families can join hands to contribute to the cultural rejuvenation.
It is impossible to become a monk, and it is impossible to become a monk in this life.
Thank you for sending a secret message.
He is a businessman who can’t explain his lack of desire.
"Then came No.32, the painting" Ask the Mountains and Seas "from the cutting-edge painter Jiang Zhichu."
Thank you for sending it as if it had been touched by something.
"Ask the Mountains and Seas" was put on the big screen enough for him to see the details.
He has practiced law, but his painting research is not deep. It can be seen that the painting style of "Ask the Mountains and Seas" has matured. The mountains and seas are far away and cold, as if heaven and earth are frightening.
"Ask the Mountains and Seas" is not his type, but he came up with the idea that this painting belongs to him.
Thoughts take root in a flash and are unshakable, from "should" to "take it for granted"
"Yi" Xie Quan suddenly way
Thank you for sending away "What’s the matter" from your emotions.
Xie Quan: "Jiang Zhichu is my big brother Z, but he just graduated from" Ask the Mountains and Seas ",but I didn’t see this painting when I added the book."
It is normal for the auction to add a book occasionally without hiding it, but I didn’t expect it to be Brother Xie Quan.
Thank you for sending your index finger to knock "buy" on the armrest.
Xie Quan was surprised. "Brother, weren’t you not interested in these before?"
Thank you for not changing color. "Just support your school."
Xie Quan "Oh"
Xie Quan didn’t do it. He wanted to obey the placard.
Jiang Yunchu is a newcomer in the art world. The starting price of Wen Shan Hai is 500,000.
But in a short time, the price was increased to one million.
Thank you for sending "Where are you from as a senior?"
Xie Quan: "Gu Linxi is his grandfather, you know. His mother is the favorite daughter of Gu Linxi. He is also the favorite grandson of the ancient family, and his father is a famous painter."
Gulinxi is a famous wealthy businessman in the next province. If you can get a lot of help from your beloved grandson and the ancient family.
Thank you for sending "you know it’s quite clear"
Xie Quan "Well, one of my roommates likes Jiang Xuechang to chase Jiang Xuechang for a long time."
Thank you. "Wait, is your roommate a man?"
Xie Quan naturally said, "It’s a man. Do you discriminate against homosexuality?"